Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco designs are here again with a unique jacket for those who have their daily lives involved in firearms. Coats offer warmth, are durable and do their job whether you are carrying something in the pockets, or simply shielding yourself from cold.
The qualities can be on any jacket but the Rothco Ops Soft Shell comes with its every functionality polished to give maximum benefits. It is not suitable to carry a gun with, and the smarter ones will tell you that you’ll need a belly holster to handle the weapon or don’t take if you don’t need to. I recommend this jacket to those working in colder regions especially the army and here is why.


Features and specifications

The jacket features a 3-layer construction mechanism that offers maximum protection against high winds, allows moisture to escape and retains heat. The material is 100% polyester and waterproof, suitable for guys in the army using them when sitting in foxholes at 5C.
It is an all season jacket that is versatile enough to use it when strolling the streets or in some winter zone with a dedicated assignment to do. The hood is detachable and concealed which is attached to fleece lined collar.
There are six outer pockets on the Ops lightweight – two large ones on the front that sit on your chest, two on the arms just below your shoulders and two close on the wrists. They all contain zippers, and there is the main zip to close up the jacket.

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What else for the Rothco Ops

There are different sizes for everyone from medium to XXXL, so it’s not difficult to find the right size for you. There are many colors to choose from whether you want the typical black, navy blue, olive drab or the army color (Subdued Urban Digital Camo). For warranty information, it’s available on the manufacturer’s website.

Who needs this type of garment?

I would recommend the Ops coat for anyone working in law enforcement or the military since it has proved to be extremely useful. If you are in the sports industry or love hunting and fishing, it is also an ideal jacket to be worn and carry small items like your phone and keys in the pockets. It can be worn with other heavier jackets if the weather is icy. Whether you are in the urban area or Amazon forest, this would be a good fit.

Any flaws?

It is better to leave the hood out if it is not covering your head. Putting it in the collar makes you look like you have something floating behind your neck, but it can still put it there to protect the neck during a cold evening if you don’t feel like wearing the hood. The pockets might not be in a place where you can out your hands but a good place to hide any valuable and small.

The Ops Soft Shell is a coat that rocks everyone who wears it. The 3-layer construction provides ultimate warmth and keeps the cool depending on the weather dictation. It has every likeable feature that will make any buyer choose it.

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