Top 5 Cinch Concealed Carry Jackets

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Men's Bonded Softshell Jacket With Concealed Carry Pockets 4.9Amazon Link
Men's Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket4.5Amazon Link
Men's Canvas Jacket With Concealed Carry Pockets 4.0Amazon Link
Men's Outdoor Realtree Max 1 Camo Printed3.8Amazon Link
Men's Grey Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket3.5Amazon Link

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Let’s face it!

Choosing the right kind of ccw coat for your firearm can be quite daunting.

Not only will you consider every factor there is when it comes to wearing a clothing piece that will serve you for years and not just for the sole purpose of being able to carry a firearm without you having to worry about getting judged as someone who’d literally fire off an innocent man’s arm that easily, but also consider even the smallest of details such as that of its size and color, as well as its exact capacity when worn and exact feeling while worn in order for you – and even others – to feel safe, as well as comfortable, no matter what you do for the day with your firearm close to you.

But then again, you could always refer to blog posts like this where you get to have a more in-depth look on some of the best concealed carry jackets in the market in order for you to decide on what to purchase without missing out any important detail that a certain type of such jacket may have rather than just depending on what you first hear about it.

Chinch Jeans are a company owned by Miller International Inc, with their HQ in Denver CO. Although they do sell from boots to shirts & accessories, we will be focusing on their range of ccw coats. Their entire range comes with inner pockets on each side and are made from wind & water-resistant materials.

And so, without further ado…

Here’s a list of our top 5 Cinch Concealed Carry Jackets:


What Makes It One Of The Top: It’s not every day that you get the chance to wear something that will fit you as perfectly as it could be, no matter what body size you may have. Even more so, this concealed carry bonded jacket for men by Cinch comes with an embroidered logo front, which allows you to complement just about any kind of clothing piece in your wardrobe that you have decided to wear with it and the mentioned distinct style that will make you even more confident with how you look; and a body adapting feature, which allows you to pass just about any corner of the street in your neighborhood without getting too cold nor too hot for your own good.

The Only Downside? It only comes in one color, black.

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What Makes It One Of The Top: Comfort always comes first for most people when it comes to wearing clothes. Thus, getting yourself a men’s bonded softshell jacket by Cinch won’t really be surprising. You see, this jacket is an epitome of comfort itself – thanks to it being made of 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex, with the first material giving you the ability to use it for years without worrying about it getting worn down so easily and the last material giving you the ability to move your body around without worrying about it getting stiffed up so easily. Furthermore, the said jacket (which comes in 3 colors as well: red, white, blue) is also known to have pockets on both sides, making it a perfect home for firearms that can only be used with your writing hand.

The Best Part? Its starting price is less than the already mentioned Cinch men’s concealed carry bonded jacket – perfect for those who are on a budget, but still looking for quality jackets like such.

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What Makes It One Of The Top: For those who love to go out during the fall season, this men’s canvas jacket by Cinch is perfect for you. Because aside from the fact that it’s made of a material that is best known for being durable, there’s also the fact that it allows you to put your firearm wherever you deem comfortable – thanks to its velcro-backed holsters on the inside and its pockets on the outside. And the best part? This jacket is also made to withstand extreme weather conditions with its fleece component, making it even more perfect for you to go outside during the fall season and simply enjoy your surroundings despite the cold atmosphere you’ll basically find yourself in.

The Only Downside? It only comes in one size, X-Small.

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What Makes It One Of The Top: This men’s grey concealed carry bonded jacket by Cinch will definitely be your new black as it stylishly takes a typically “just” neutral color to a whole new level – courtesy of its lime green zipper, as well as its embroidered logo front. There’s also you having peace of mind when wearing it, knowing that your firearm is safe with you and from others wherever you may go and whatever you may do. What’s more, you can carry other things without getting uncomfortable (e.g. from adjusting them from time to time to avoid getting them dropped, or worse, losing them somewhere) due to its velcro-backed holsters inside and pockets outside.

The Best Part? It’s lightweight at 3 pounds and comes in all sizes.

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What Makes It One Of The Top: Aside from being flexible with its 93% Spandex material and durable with its 7% Polyester material, this jacket is also made with realism in mind – courtesy of its camouflage color and realtree max 1 camo-printed feature, which further makes it a perfect clothing piece for those who are always looking to encounter some action when going outdoors. Even so, it’s an epitome of value for money – thanks to its affordability and features that not only prove its safety no matter what kind of life situation you may yourself in while using a firearm, but also its comfort no matter what kind of weather condition you might may find yourself in while carrying a firearm.

The Only Downside? None. Most of its features are practically the best ones you could ever imagine such as that of it being lightweight at 1 pound, it coming in all sizes, and even more so – it being affordable than some jackets of its kind.

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In conclusion, there are many factors involved when trying to buy the “perfect fit” for your needs.You should check out these jackets on Amazon and let yourself be the judge even more on what you truly need for your outdoor adventures with a firearm in hand. Don’t forget to check reviews from customers that have bought/are using the products also!