Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket

Conceal carry jackets come with many features and specifications to either suit you or make you buy. When I am searching for one to carry my gun, I always consider what is suitable for me when I’m walking, sitting and the weather conditions that will prompt me to wear a jacket and carry my weapon too. I also consider if I will have to remove the jacket at any time when the weather says ‘Be easy and a bit exposed. It’s hot!’

Among the many options that you can choose from, Rothco concealed carry soft shell jacket comes to the rescue as an ideal piece of clothing to wear when carrying a weapon and protect from cold weather.

For this garment, it doesn’t have to be freezing for you to wear and we will see why in this recommended review for anyone searching for such a coat.

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Features and specifications

First, the material is suitable for everyone wanting these types of coats – 100% polyester. The outer shell is waterproof in case it’s drizzling or raining cats and dogs. The material also allows inflow and outflow of air, making it breathable just like your skin and the sweat pores, so you don’t have to worry about the extreme temperatures when wearing it if you are not overdressed.
The pockets come with an outstanding design meant for the small guns. It’s equipped with two interior concealed carry pockets on each side with hook and loop closures. They are thick and deep enough to hide not only your gun but also keys and other small items that are attached to you.

Still, on each of the inner sides, the Rothco designed jacket has two mag pouches that serve as a backup plan, and they also have the hook and loop closures. Zip is there for you to close up the jacket but zipping doesn’t end here. There is a zippered collar and a detachable hood; shoulder pockets have zips too.

Also included

There is a patch on the left side interior pocket that contains the Rothco logo and general information concerning the coat’s make and how to maintain it; you know, washing, drying and ironing specifications among others. The manufacturer’s site has more instructions on the jacket, and you can visit it to see what else is at stake, including a warranty that comes with most garments.

Color options include black, navy-blue, coyote brown and olive drab which looks like gray, as my friend suggested when looking at available color choices. The left arm has a forearm pocket, two front slash pockets, and two back pockets. Cold air can be felt when warm under your arm since the area is vented.

Who needs a Rothco conceal jacket?

I recommend this jacket to people that are engaged in different activities. I’m giving this recommendation as an individual who has seen people go for it and also the reviews that this coat has gotten from those interested in it or have already bought it.
If you’re working in law enforcement and related, this will be a big boost for you especially if the temperatures are low in the area you are serving. Bodyguards for people with a high profile (a tycoon or an influential politician) can also have a Rothco design conceal carry jacket. Also, if you love fishing or hunting, rush for this option while stocks last. It has all the pockets you need to carry small items you need during such adventures including your valuables without having to worry if anything will fall off.
I would also recommend anyone who likes their weapon being part of him or her while engaging in activities such as a running exercise. I have seen runners who participate in athletics using the jacket when the weather is chilly, and they are running in places that they are not sure of what might happen.

Any flaws?

Sometimes the concealed hood is not the best for many. If you don’t like it, just roll it and put it in the zippered collar. The pockets may be considered as too deep for something small like your phone, but I would suggest this conceal jacket for you who is careless on the small personal items such as car keys or your phone. If you have the larger pistols, the jacket might seem a disappointment but using a holster is a plus or simply roll over the closure and zip your coat, and there you go, very much okay!

The coat is a comfortable one to start with not to mention the excellent fabric work on it. It serves as a favorite too if you need it as an inner layer for a heavier jacket if it’s too cold. The material is made to favor your body due to breathable capability and lots of pockets to keep ‘everything.’

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