Condor Micro Fleece Jacket

Irrespective of what I do, I focus on taking good care of my body especially in cold weather by keeping it warm. During the cold weather, I prefer Condor Micro Fleece to keep warm all through with a nice soft shell underneath. The coat has a nice feeling and thus comfortable. Personal comfort is not the only benefit as it makes the perfect choice for carrying concealed weapons as well as securing them. Once you choose to put them on, a wonderful experience is guaranteed.


Features and Specifications

Despite being of high quality at a friendly cost that cannot be matched with the competitors’ products, the outer layer is lightweight and consists of a 100% polyester, super fine fleece with oxford underpinning and an interior lining composed of a laminated polyester netting material.

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To ensure perfect protection for you, the fleece jacket contains full front double zipper although optimal temperature is guaranteed since the material permits proper air circulation through a two inch extendible sleeve with thumb hole to ensure comfort. Durability is also a factor many people are concerned about but with the fleece jackets is a guaranteed aspect since they are tailored with a reinforced collar, shoulder and forearms.

The jacket’s design is supreme as it contains standard size pockets including a vertical chest pocket, two slash hand pockets and two shoulder patch panels which provides ultimate options for storage as well as interior pockets to store concealed items.

The jacket is manufactured in size S-XXXL and also fitted with a drawstring waistband in case it tends to be oversize. During purchase, occasion as well as personal taste, the jackets are available in various colors such as olive, Drab, Black and tan.


Cleanliness is part of our lives and as much as we want to stay clean, care should be taken while washing the fleece jackets. To maintain them one should wash them inside out in low temperature, avoid using bleaching agents, dry cleaners and they should not be ironed as well.

Application of Condor Micro Fleece

The jackets are perfect for people working in different fields and in various weather conditions such as cold and wet areas to ensure body protection. For the individuals working in law enforcement as well as security guards who are required to carry fire arms and other security appliances, the fleece jackets are ideal as they have a higher weapon storage capacity.

Their large storage capacity is also ideal for hunters and people engaging in recreational activities such as hiking ad sporting.


To some people, the jacket may seem to be oversize. This maybe a reason for many to disqualify them but the drawstring wristband at the bottom makes it elastic for adjustment. Also the jackets are not waterproof and thus they may not stand alone in temperate climates. For this reason, the fleece coat is combined with a waterproof shell which is sold separately at an incredible price to tackle the problem

The Condor is a high value and high quality product that does not disappoint since the build quality is excellent, very warm and comfortable with a reasonable price.

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