Condor Men’s Phantom Soft Shell Jacket

Firearm carriers need to feel safe when walking around and attending to their duties without having to raise an alarm of ‘somebody with a gun is around.’ Sometimes, I find myself and friends going to tropical areas in the tropical zones and carrying a gun in a holster whether on the belt or inline is not the best idea especially in the mornings or late afternoons. The reason is that the weather changes rapidly from hot to cloudy, then rain.
A suitable carry jacket came to our way, Condor Men’s Phantom Soft Shell as we were reviewing online on some of the best options to suit our case. This coat won the search race due to its lightweight feature and how well it served our days in the tropical after testing it. Now, here is what makes it perfect for me and those of us who have reviewed it.


Features and specifications

The Condor’s has a triple layer that is porous enough to hold drizzling rain water from penetrating and allows sweat to escape, leaving you cool on a hot afternoon. A 100% outer polyester layer makes the jacket durable enough and sustain the equatorial weather. There are two hand pockets where I use to keep my small gun (it’s really small) and there are sleeve pockets too where I keep my keys, necessary shopping cards and my ID. It’s very safe when I zip it. All pockets have zippers including the vertical chest pocket which I rarely use.

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What’s also included?

The jacket comes with some instructions on how to handle it; the patch is on the interior top-back part. There is warranty information from the manufacturer’s site, and the jacket comes in various colors. I chose the olive drab, but the Coyote tan looks good on my friend who happens to wear the same size as me. Other design features include shoulder patch panels, a double front zipper, and an underarm vent zipper.

Who should wear Condor’s Men Phantom Soft Shell Jacket?

If you are an outdoor person like me or a law enforcer working in heated areas or summer time in the north or southern parts of the hemispheres, this lightweight coat will serve you well. It’s also sporty so anyone doing sports as a career can consider the Condor as a boost. I recommend this jacket if your firearm is a small one.

Any flaws?

The jacket is ALMOST perfect but one thing: it is not for too much cold. Also, although it is waterproof, based on some consumer reviews soaking rain will get you wet. It will do well in cold weather in the hot zones. It does well to carry the little guns so for the bigger pistols, find an alternative or don’t carry it if it’s not necessary.

This jacket is recommendable for anyone who works in the warm weather conditions. Los Angeles police use them often. The material is light to keep you warm and impose less weight on the overall jacket. The size is perfect for the tall (I’m tall and slender) and it will take your shape and reveal the muscles. This jacket is simply loveable.

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