Best Shirts for Concealed Carry


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You’ve chosen to look for the best shirts for concealed carry holsters not to stand out. This means you value your privacy. As you might already know, wearing the gun tucked behind your belt isn’t too comfortable. This is why you need to pay attention to the type of specialized carry shirt you buy and its fit.

The best shirt is both practical and comfortable. We’ve seen many types of concealed carry clothing for summer, but those we loved the most can be used on both sides by ambidextrous shooters. Regardless if you’re a left-handed or a right-handed shooter, you should only purchase a shirt made fit for your needs.

Here’s what to look for in shirts for concealed carry first

Apart from abiding to local regulation, concealed carry shirts need to be fitted for proper comfort. Loose shirts might not be the most practical for holsters. As with regular clothes, if the shirt is too tight, you won’t feel comfortable and people will also notice you’re carrying a gun. Here’s what to look for to avoid such problems.

Compression fit

A vast percentage of concealed carry shirts are made with compression materials. This makes them sit very close to the body and the tight fit is what keeps your weapons from moving around. Most of these compression shirts are made with spandex so you are able to move freely. They also come with a fitted style as most are worn under a button-up shirt.

Consider layering

Most concealed carry shirts are worn as a base layer, right underneath your main shirt or jacket. This means you should adapt your clothes according to the weather conditions. For some people, compression shirts can immediately raise core temperature and you’ll need to layer your outfit properly so that you can take off your coat without revealing your firearm.

Check for specific rules

Municipalities and federal authorities can set various rules for concealed carry. Make sure you check these rules before purchasing your shirt. If you decide to travel abroad, you also need to check the rules you need to follow while carrying. When you know the rules you need to abide by, you can consider one of the following shirts for concealed carry.

1.      5.11 Tactical Men’s Holster Shirt


Starting off we have 5.11’s shirt known for its breathable materials and for its practical design. This shirt is one we love for its combination of spandex and polyester. Without a doubt, this is a popular combination that allows your skin to breathe but while also having a degree of stretch which keeps you comfortable.

Mesh materials are added to key areas of the shirt as well. Mesh is a bit more breathable than spandex and it helps you stay cool for longer. If you analyze the shoulder area of the shirt, you also notice it uses reinforced materials. This yoke distributes the weight of the carry so that you won’t feel considerable pain through the day in your shoulders.

Size-wise, the manufacturer has you covered as well. It makes these carry shirts in all sizes varying from S to 3XL. But most importantly, if you choose the right size, you’ll be able to carry your gun both on the left side and on the right side.

We also like how the holster shirt reacts to washing. After multiple washing cycles, it remains fitted and the seams don’t come loose either.


  • Made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex
  • Designed with deep pockets for all types of guns
  • Available in extreme sizes on white or black


  • Its pockets need stuffing for small guns such as the Glock 43

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2.      ConcealmentClothes Women’s Compression Undercover


Our second favorite is the ConcealmentClothes’ women’s compression shirt. With increasing popularity, it’s one of the few practical shirts made specifically for women. This means it looks great and it fits even better.

This type of shirt can be used by police officers and civilians alike. It works for both left-handed and right-handed women and it also has a few straps for a custom fit.

While it looks like a regular tank top, we also like how the shirt feels. It has a higher percentage of polyester than others and only 5% spandex which means it stays close to the body and that it handles moisture properly. If you don’t like to feel enclosed in an unbreathable shirt, polyester is one of the few quick-drying materials you can wear for hours every day. The shirt is made with 95% polyester which also means you can air dry it within minutes after washing.

Then there are the extra pockets on the sides. These pockets are very practical and as any enthusiast will tell you, they’re the first place to hold extra magazines or handcuffs. The shirt is certainly ready for any gun, especially 9mm designs women love.


  • Available on black and white
  • Made with extra pockets
  • It can be worn under long sleeve shirts


  • Not available in extreme sizes

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3.      ConcealmentClothes Concealed Carry Holster Tank Top Shirt


We like this men’s tank top-style concealed carry shirt for its elastic pockets. It works for a wide range of small and medium-sized guns which makes it a versatile choice if you own multiple categories of weapons.

A quick-release clasp is the only section of the shirt you need to interact with if you want to quickly pull out your gun. Furthermore, the close fit of this compression-style shirt also makes you feel the gun better so that you always know where you have to reach under the shirt to pull it out.

We also like how ConcealmentClothes makes their holster clothing. They are available in all sizes from the extremely-small to XXXL. The interesting part about these shirts is that they’re not seasonal, as other carry shirts. You can wear them year-round as the materials are breathable and also machine washable. But most users love it for the comfort it comes with and in terms of the guns it handles, the shirt perfectly suits a Glock 43 and similar firearms.


  • One of the most comfortable concealed carry shirts
  • Made with extra pockets for smartphones and handcuffs
  • Available in extreme sizes


  • No reinforcing material on the shoulders

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4.      ConcealmentClothes Men’s Crew Neck Conceal Carry Shirt


If you’re after a bargain, the Crew Neck Conceal Carry Shirt from ConcelmentClothes should be on your radar. We’ve seen countless individuals wearing it online in demo training videos and there are a few good reasons behind its popularity. Apart from its low price, the crew neck is also comfortable even for the most active wearer.

Spandex is added to polyester to give it a bit more stretch compared to regular shirts. This is why it remains comfortable when you turn the torso from left to right. It is the type of materials’ combination that is also used in gym clothes mainly due to its breathable and fast-drying abilities.

There are even 2 hook-and-loop closures for each holster pocket. Since these are high friction areas, we’re also happy to see thicker materials in the areas that come in contact with the gun. These materials are also made out of a different color, typically black or blue. True to size, this shirt also feels very elastic to those who’ve only used classic holsters over their regular clothes for concealing before.


  • Available in XXXL sizes
  • The pockets are positioned to mostly conceal firearms
  • Made with stretchy elastic materials


  • Tight at first

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5.      5.11 Tactical Sleeveless Holster Shirt

If you’re the type of person who wears undershirts, this is just the sleeveless design you need. We like that it doesn’t come with any sleeves which means there’s a wide range of uses for it, regardless of the season. It holds up well even during the hot summer days. But what we like most about it is just how well it suits most men and how fitted it looks.

With its form-fitting fabric that minimizes bulk, it’s the type of shirt you can wear the whole day. If you’re working in the security field or if you’re a police officer, it also offers quick access to your gun. Most users report being able to pull a pistol out within 2 seconds while wearing the holster shirt.

We also like how efficient it is at hiding guns. If you’re wearing it under an unbuttoned shirt, it’s going to be very hard for people to notice you’re carrying a gun, which is all that you need in the end.


  • Stretchy due to its 18% elastane
  • Available in all sizes up to 3XL
  • Very good shoulder weight distribution


  • Only available in a short sleeves version

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6.      Packin’ Tee Men’s V-Neck Concealed Carry T-Shirt

If you have sensitive skin, you can’t just rush into a purchase that would make you uncomfortable. This is why Packin’ Tee’s shirt is our recommendation with its 100% cotton certification. The soft-touch cotton is excellent for all-day comfort. However, you need to know that cotton isn’t as efficient as polyester at moisture wicking which is why you shouldn’t choose this shirt if you’re running around.

There’s a holster accessory that needs to be ordered separately with the shirt. When you’re sure where it fits bets, you simply tell the seller where you want the holster to be added so that you have a custom concealed carry shirt.


  • Made with soft-touch cotton
  • Designed with reinforced shoulders
  • You can add as many accessory pouches as needed


  • The stick-on pockets can be misplaced

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7.      Rothco Concealed Carry Flannel Shirt

Not all shirts are made for the summer. Some concealed carry shirts are specifically designed for fall and winter thermal protection as well. This is certainly the case with the concealed flannel shirt from Rothco. It’s also one of the shirts that look stylish, a word rarely associated with products in this category.

Regardless of how good it looks, it also adds the practicality you need to conceal your gun. 2 interior mag pouches can hold your pistol. On the outside of the shirt, there are 2 chest pockets that you may also use to hide your weapon a bit better.

What we truly like about this flannel shirt is how well it eliminates printing with its thick cotton. It would be really difficult for your weapon to show if you’re careful about how you wear this attractive flannel shirt.


  • Made to eliminate printing
  • Available on red and blue
  • Designed with ammo pockets


  • It runs a size small

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8.      AC Undercover Concealed Carry Shirt

If you want a snug shirt that you can wear under a flannel shirt this is another top option from AC Undercover. The manufacturer recommends this shirt for users who need to sit through the day, such as security staff or drivers. Since it comes with waist-level holsters, the shirt allows you to sit comfortably without anyone knowing you’re carrying.

Designed for ambidextrous use, the shirt is among the favorites of those who own handguns such as the Smith and Wesson MP9. If you’re the proud owner of a Glock 43, you can also carry it easily with the help of this shirt together with 2 extra magazines.


  • Compression design conforms to your body
  • Designed for ambidextrous shooters
  • Available in multiple colors


  • It uses a handgun securing clip instead of a Velcro strap

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Final words

It might take some time to find the best shirt for concealed carry if you don’t know what to look for. But all of the shirts listed above are customer-approved and they enjoy excellent feedback. Keeping in mind that you still have to choose the right size for you, there’s no way you can go wrong with any of them.

For a standard 9 X 19mm gun such as the Smith & Wesson Model 910, these shirts prove both practical and comfortable unlike other concealed carry shirts with loose seams after a couple of washes.