Berne Men’s Concealed Carry Echo One One Jacket

Having a good taste for men jackets does not focus only on fashion but also quality, durability, and the intended use. When I need to carry my gun, I don’t need to go displaying it for everyone to see and thus it should be concealed at all times. Coats aren’t comfortable especially during summer and therefore I NEED to make the right choice when purchasing a carry jacket. Berne Men’s Echo One One provides the solution since it is built to endure all weather conditions while performing all outdoor duties.


Product features and specifications

With definitive work apparel feature and design, the Berne varies with all your occasions as they come in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure a perfect fit. To ensure reliability, they also vary with weather conditions and range from lightweight versions to heavyweight versions for all seasons and thus they come in numerous styles such as hooded, sanded contractor, Sherpa lined and many more.

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Distinguished features

Besides having an affordable price, the garments perceive distinct features than others since they are resistant to water. They are also fitted with heavy zippers and have pleated elbows to ensure protection against harsh conditions as well as triple needle stitched to ensure durability.

A perfect outwear should not only protect you from all types of weather but should as well protect your belongings. Berne men’s jackets also contain a hidden concealed carry pocket fixed with a pocket flap to ensure ease of access to your weapon system. The cargo pocket includes a cover to protect the firearm storage area hence making it a standard pocket.

The pockets also contain an Adder MOLLE grid that ensures that the sheath for your weapon system is securely attached for easy withdrawal. For maximum security, the pockets are designed with a unique fabric that prevents the display of pocket contents as well as keeping you warm and comfortable in all situations.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and competency in various conditions we work in, quality clothes are required to keep you warm, comfortable and well equipped. In many working disciplines, there’s need for safe keeping of the working equipment, and thus the outwears come with additional consignment capability and have pockets for expedient storage of extra ammo, flashlights, compasses, whistles, GPS systems among others.

Who needs Berne men carry jackets?

Berne Men’s caters for a variety of working disciplines and thus it is applicable in different fields. For hunters, having the right hunting clothes thrives the property of being swift and efficient. Whether a first-time hunter or an experienced one, the clothes provide a good experience for hiding or maintaining high visibility in profuse hunting areas for safety inclusive of the unfriendly terrain as well as varying temperatures experienced in hunting or fishing areas.

Also if you work as a security personnel protecting high profile targets, the coat will help in the safekeeping of your firearm, ensuring its concealment and easy withdrawal in times of need. I would also recommend athletes either racing or practicing to use the jacket since it’s applicable during the activity as it is comfortable and suitable for all conditions (lightweight version during summer and heavyweight during winter).


The concealed pockets are built with standard storage capacity and may not be convenient to store small items such as mobile phones and keys, but we always carry them, so there is still somewhere to put it in the jacket. Also due to the standard capacity, the concealed pockets may not be suitable larger tools. This should not give you a reason not to go for the jacket if you have a small firearm or fond of using a belt holster. The coat is long enough to hide the ‘secret.’

The jacket exhibits distinct features meant to ensure comfort in varying weather conditions and meets the highest quality standards, durability, and its capability to withstand all seasons, thus Berne apparel is the right brand for you in however way you use it.

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