Buying Guide for Best Concealed Carry Jacket

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Research has shown that it is likely for an individual to keep switching jobs in their lifetime. In the course of job changing, you might find yourself in a profession that prompts you to carry a gun for security purposes and also due to the nature of work. You might get lucky and land a job in dealing with top security if that’s where your career search takes you, and you’ll find suits are in demand. That means that you may need a holster or tailor made suits with deep pockets for concealment.

For others, suits may not be in demand, and you are allowed to choose the right attire to carry a weapon and some magazines as a backup plan. Also, for the suits, it is not always that you will attend to a task, say an undercover investigation with a suit especially if the information to be deduced is classified. If your line of work will require gun carrying as part of the schedule, then conceal carry jackets come to the rescue to help you carry your weapon and they are helpful if it is an everyday thing.

The next thing in mind is searching for a carry jacket that suits your concerning functionality, the size of the gun that you are carrying, gun storage mechanisms, some other backup storage like a mag, weather considerations and accessibility. Here is a buying guide for you that provides what you need to consider before buying a ccw coat to use every day at your convenience.


What are you doing that makes you wear a gun every time you are getting out of the house or moving out from your office? It’s the first thing to ask yourself when deciding to find a carry jacket. Like earlier stated, the jacket is ideal for someone who is working as a law enforcer or in a career that demands you have a weapon for defense purposes.

When it comes to functionality, then you need to consider how often do you draw and whether the circumstances require a quick move before everything goes against the initial plan. A good conceal jacket needs to serve your duties without constraints in the course of your duty. You need a better hiding place for the weapon, otherwise, it is not the best idea for everyone to know that you are carrying a gun around.

Also, consider a jacket that comes with more pockets for the extras (Cinch jackets seem to be popular in this area). Why? There are other things that you may want to be within your reach like your car keys and magazines among others. A pocket that allows you to attach a holster if you feel that you need to include it is also a good option if it would hinder the drawing action and safer.

Size of the gun

image of a canon

How BIG is your gun? This type of jackets will not hide the great AK’s, Uzis and such! It is good for you to consider the size of your pistol if you are to buy a lightweight gun concealment carry coat that will have the gun fit. It is recommendable to carry your holster with you if for size estimation. It doesn’t have to be the exact one that you use – if a pistol can fit there, good for you. Most pockets are made for an average size, but a shallow one might need a holster to hold. This calls for deep pockets if you are not sure of the size, but again, not too deep for you to bring in difficulty as you are trying to reach to it.

You might find an ideal jacket that suits most of what is on your checklist, but the pockets don’t favor you. My advice is, go for it if you can have the pockets customized for you. Remember, you are choosing it for your benefit and if you find the right one, disregard my advice.

Gun storage

Another consideration is how the gun stays put. Some of us will find a ccw jacket that can serve as a good hiding option, if you consider using a belt or an in waistline holster. It’s still a good option if the holster agrees to stay put as you move, sit or stand. A good conceal jacket has to provide the kind of storage that doesn’t compromise revealing a carried weapon to people; you know the next impression that they will have and it might not be good depending on the situation at hand.

There are two options here:
– the first one is that the pocket must be well designed to keep the gun comfortable with minimal movements; the pocket must also facilitate fast drawing when a need arises.
– another option is that you have a carry jacket with a pocket that can facilitate carrying the weapon in a holster and doesn’t constrain any action.

A backup mag storage

funny ammo storage

This especially goes for the law enforcers – consider a carry jacket that can take some magazines. The mag storage must be within reach, and most jackets that offer this have them on each interior side when you open the zip. The small pockets must be two or more for you to consider that you have enough backup for an intense mission. This option is also suitable for anyone else who needs backup magazines.
The size of the magazine is also a consideration plus how it sits while in the mag pouch. Somewhere to put your magazines can be a considerable option even when you are carrying the bigger gun or if the weapon is not in the jacket which makes good use of it while wearing.

Warmth issue


You find yourself in a situation where you’ll need the jacket to do more than just keeping your weapon safe and accessible when needed. If the weather is chilly, a good jacket will keep you warm as an added advantage.
A dark jacket might win the situation here as the fiber is woven in a way to maintain the heat inside and protect your body from freezing. Heaviness is not the best option to consider here, and expert advice is, find a jacket that can be adjusted concerning temperature. Find a coat that has a removable inner liner that can be intact if the weather is too cold and can be removed when the weather is asking everyone to go easy.
Another better option is a jacket that has material that allows breathing. Such a lightweight concealed carry coat will allow inflow and outflow of air and still protect you from getting cold.


Profession or activity might be a constraint to which style you prefer most.
Go for something that looks official if you are attending more office related stuff. There are lightweight and cumbersome options depending on the jacket chosen.
Go for lightweight if comfortability is key since not everyone likes feeling heavy. I don’t disregard the heavy jackets because again, the requirements are different.
Material-wise polyester is fine but if you get another material that looks better than poly, go for it. There are some that come with a hood which is suitable for covering your head, but if it is not necessary, there are other options that don’t include the hood.
The pockets can come horizontal or a bit slanted, and all this can be considered for storage and easiness of drawing. All jackets have zippers, but some have them included on side – pockets on the arm if you are considering a carry jacket with such pockets.
Color options depend on where you go to while wearing the jacket. On official matters or if you are living in town, you may need a bright color, black or navy-blue. Those going outdoors in the villages, for example, khaki or brown may be an ideal option for you.


Last but not least, how you reach for the gun when in need is an important issue that cannot be left out. It is advisable for you to consider a coat that allows you to keep the gun well but also facilitate fast drawing when the situation demands.
(PRO TIP) Try to avoid one that has too deep pockets especially if the gun is small. Time to deep almost the whole hand, get out your gun and point is too much if what you are facing needs a fast action. Consider pockets with favorable designs to suit what you are doing. Otherwise, the jacket might not prove its worth.
Most people will think of later customization of what they need to be adjusted but a good choice is to buy a piece of clothing that considers access options once and for all.

Now, with the above important points in consideration, you are well equipped with deployable tips when looking to acquire a “covering” to aid in your everyday job. It is good to note that not all jackets will deliver what you need and different articles suit different occasions and situations. If you want an everyday garment, go for a durable material that will serve the longest time but also, don’t forget on all the other qualities that make it suitable for your task.